Cultural Center Palatele Brâncoveneşti

February. March 2010.
The Cultural Center Palatele Brâncoveneşti Mogoşoaia
Friedrich Dickgiesser & Cristina Apăvăloaei
Controvers / Controverse Controversies
Begrüßung: Doina Mindru, Ioan Sbarciu und Markus Lüpertz

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A space with a very special historical, cultural and spiritual load, unconventional but giving itself to all those willing to bring life to it through their art works, the ground floor of the Brâncovenesc Palace in Mogoşoaia hosts these days a dialogue exhibition belonging to Friedrich Dickgiesser and Cristina Apăvăloaei from the Art Academy in Düsseldorf, prestigious European institution of artistic higher education skillfully and managed by the renowned professor Markus Lüpertz, one of the representative painters of the German neo-expressionism, creator of an art school, good friend of Romania, and especially of the University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, with whom he developed not only an artistic relation, but also a friendship, frequently being prof. Ioan Sbârciu’s guest, with whom they organized two important exhibitions at the Art Museum Cluj ‚The Mistery of Friendship‘ (2005) and at the Contemporary Art Gallery within the Brukenthal Museum Sibiu ‚Landschaft, Mensch und Ding‘. Der Kunst die Regeln geben; ‚Landscape, Human Being and Work‘. The Art that Sets the Rules (2007). In fact, even this new exhibition in Mogoşoaia, made by Markus Lüpertz assistant and one of his students is the result of the contact that The Cultural Center Palatele Brâncoveneşti Mogoşoaia established with Markus Lüpertz and the institution that he is managing due to the painter, PhD prof. Ioan Sbârciu and his exhibition in Mogoşoaia (the fall of 2006), when the famous German painter attended and gave a speech in front of the audience the day of the exhibition’s opening.

In order to underline the spirit of the Art Academy in Düsseldorf, Cristina Apăvăloaei, 5th year student of the painter Markus Lüpertz, proposes a dialogue with the world, her paintings being metaphors of some short stories emitting feelings, sensibility and engagement in processing the chosen topics.